Data Transfer Monthly

Data transfer, or bandwidth, refers to the amount of electronic data sent over the network each month. Such data includes a visitor's request for a page, the page sent in response to the request, and any updates you publish to your site. The amount of data transferred is also affected by the size of the Web pages and the number of visitors to the site. Unlike many other web hosting companies that will shut your web site down if it uses over its limit of bandwidth, A2Z Site Solutions will bill you $1.00 per gigabyte of additional bandwidth used over your plans monthly allotment. This affordable solution means your web site will always be available and not penalized for being popular! If your web site uses extra bandwidth on a regular bases, then it might be time to consider upgrading your account.

2 GB Transfer/Month (approx. 183,000 hits of traffic)

5 GB Transfer/Month (approx. 458,000 hits of traffic)

10 GB Transfer/Month (approx. 916,000 hits of traffic)

15 GB Transfer/Month (approx. 1,375,000 hits of traffic)

20 GB Transfer/Month (approx. 1,833,000 hits of traffic)

25 GB Transfer/Month (approx. 2,292,000 hits of traffic)

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