Agora Shopping Cart

AgoraCart (aka agora.cgi ) is an open source e-commerce solution with numerous users, paid and free add-ons and hacks. "Mister Ed" at K-Factor Technologies, Inc. is the current principle of this project as of July 2002. This project originally started with Steve Kneizys' modular concept of the shopping cart ( agora.cgi version 3.0 ) and is gradually becoming known as AgoraCart (version 4.0j_beta and above) with the addition of many user tools and add-ons. The original Agora.cgi project originally grew from a couple of other open source projects:

Web_Store from Selena Sol ( was the first iteration.
Commerce.cgi from Carey Internet ( expanded the functionality of Web_Store with new features.

AgoraCart continues this development with many new features including a more modular design, enhanced and easy to use store manager, the offline store database manager called DBwizz, as well as many free & paid add-ons, hacks and payment gateways.

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